Lumber Wall brings a sense of calm & harmony to your home or office.

Wood slatted wall panels, readymade, easy to install and functional.

With a wide range of applications from walls to ceilings to headboards these decorative panels are guaranteed to add a touch of luxury, plus they are designed with advanced noise reduction and fire resistance properties.

With the natural appeal of wood’s superior strength, rich textures, and patterns - these stylish panels will address the problems of poor sound absorption and sound insulation, dampening sound. They are easy to install and with their simple design provide a timeless aesthetic that transforms any environment into a bold design space.

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Each panel is handmade, manufactured from a certified source of environmentally friendly materials

Available in a choice of three colors.

product Dark Walnut 349.00

With its rich tone and elegant grain pattern, the Dark Walnut Panel combines a minimal design with the timeless beauty of the dark walnut wood colors and patterns.

product Golden Oak 329.00

The Golden Oak Panel shines with the natural beauty of real wood, a beautiful glow that enriches the space you place it in with its natural golden color and luxurious lustre, whilst utilizing its sound dampening properties to create a cosy environment to live and work in.

product True Black 329.00

With a unique and eye-catching color, the True Black Panel creates a bold design statement in any space, it has a rustic sheen that makes for a stylish look as a standalone accent or used to create an entire feature wall or something out of the ordinary.

your personal, work or office space.

A natural design feature that can transform

The Benefits

Acoustics – designed to provide high-quality sound absorption and noise insulation. Dampening high levels of reflected noise, eliminating the echo effect in the office, softening noise distractions at home.


Easy Installation – Install the panels as they are, or if you need to you can easily cut the panels to the size you require and fit them directly.


Custom Installation – If you’d prefer us to deliver and install the panels remember to request installation when you contact us. And from headboards to breakfast bars to feature walls and kitchen islands – leave it to the experts.


Design – A striking minimal design accentuated by the natural beauty of wood.


Samples – Request a sample pack to see the panels before you buy.


How to order

To place an order, check our stock levels or ask a question, contact us directly.
We work with trade enquires and individual sales.


Call: +1 (647) 330-3055


Residential image

The panels are easy to install for DIY enthusiasts who want to change the look and feel of a favorite room, reduce noise, or make a feature of a wall or ceiling in a kitchen, bedroom or living room space. The design trends around sound are now having an impact on smaller spaces too. Often the atmosphere in rooms at home are partly driven by sound levels. Trying to have private conversations at low volume, with everyday life going on around you or noise reduction to aid concentration on work because of working from home. All of which mean panels can have a positive impact both from an acoustics and design perspective.

Commercial image

The panels are also suitable for commercial use. Using them in an office environment they create a physical sound-absorbing barrier, dampening noise levels and creating a peaceful atmosphere to work in. For hotels, stores, restaurants, and other businesses that interact with customers the panels add design and acoustics to corridors, conference rooms, hotel lobbies, in-room interior design, ceilings, etc. All of which improve the customer experience.

Appearance image

Minimal design with the natural beauty and style of wood, the panels add sophistication to any decor. With endless design possibilities, it's easy to match design aspirations with your home decor.

Sustainability image

Environmentally friendly and sustainable materials are used in the wood panel.

Applications image

Easily applied to walls and ceilings, suitable for both domestic and commercial use.


What do I need for installation? For installation, you will need a drill and a screwdriver. If you're mounting into drywall (rather than studs), you'll want to purchase drywall anchors with the appropriate screws. Please note screws are not included with the panel.
Can I cut the panels? Yes. The panels are easy to cut using a handsaw or a circular saw.
What happens if my order arrives damaged? Send us an email at with images of the damage within 48 hours of delivery, and we will find a solution for you immediately.
Where should I place the panels in the room for the best acoustics? In general, where you place the panels in the room is not critical. No matter where you place them, the panels will soak up the extra sound that is bouncing off every surface in the room.
How do I wash the panels? The best way to wash the slats is with a well-wrung cloth or duster. If you ever want to clean the felt between the slats, simply use a vacuum.
What's your return policy? We do charge a restocking fee.
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